The Grinch: Old vs New


The Grinch: New vs Old

Cecilia Martinez, Ricky Hernandez, and Halle Buttafuso

The Grinch, released in early November, hit theaters on Nov. 9, 2018. With this new version of the Grinch, everyone is comparing it to the older versions such as “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” (2000) starring Jim Carrey.

The new 2018 Grinch is not anything special – if anything it is mediocre. When comparing it to the 2000 live action movie, it is completely different story. The 2018 Grinch movie goes right into the story. Meanwhile, the 2000 movie gives the viewer a backstory to why the Grinch is the way he is. This movie is directed towards younger kids who have probably never heard the story before.

One main difference in the new Grinch movie versus the old is how the overall appearance of the Grinch has changed. In the live action movie, he can be described as a cat-faced, un-groomed mess, whereas in the new movie he has a softer, kid-friendly face. This adds to the overall childish feel of the movie and does not accurately portray the gross, unloving, and selfish character that the Grinch is supposed to look, feel, and act like.

Another difference in the movies is the tones of the narrators. In the older movie, Anthony Hopkins talks in a deep and unfriendly voice throughout the movie. In the new movie, Pharrell Williams talks in a more mellow and happy voice. While both narrators were great, Pharrell’s narration definitely seemed more kid friendly then the old movie.

Movie reviewers such as Rotten Tomatoes are in agreement that the new movie does not compare to the old one, giving it a 56%. Other sources like Common Sense Media and Empire rate it a mere three out of five stars.  While younger generations may appreciate the new rendition, adults and teens who grew up with the live action do not favor it.