Dindal Rocks the Court as Varsity Captain


Jordan Jennings

BDHS basketball team having a team talk during their first win.

Jordan Jennings and Luna Para

Tyler Dindal, BDHS’ Varsity basketball captain for the boys team, has been playing basketball for BDHS since 9th grade. Dindal received this huge responsibility because he has proven himself to be  an excellent team leader and player in his four years on the team. Already this season he has an average of 10.7 points, 2.5 rebounds, 2.5 assists per game. Dindal also sank ten three-pointers in just three games.

“He’s a great leader and teammate… he strives to make everyone better,”  said one of Dindal’s teammates, junior Avery Whitlock. “Tyler has the best focus on defense.”

Another teammate, junior Bronco Deeds, said “he’s a funny dude, he always brings a good energy to practice.”  Deeds also noted that Dindal is hardworking and is one of his best friends.

Coach Evan Greening remarked, “We have an unselfish group that really enjoys being around each other.” Coach Greening says Dindal is starting to accept his role on the team as captain, which will greatly benefit them this season.

“[My biggest] strength is shooting, I’m a point guard,” said Dindal.  When commenting about his basketball career, Dindal says, “I just want to focus on engineering and the US Air Force,” adding that he does not intend to play in college. Thinking ahead, Dindal says he expects to be the region winners and the team to win at least one game in the playoffs.