How to Find the Perfect Gift


Nicole Ardovino

Nicole Ardovino receives tickets to Hamilton for Christmas

Halle, Vicky, Stephanie

Around this time of year people are doing a lot of shopping, mainly for other people as gifts. Everyone has different ways of looking for a nice gift. It depends on who they are shopping for and if they know what the person wants. When some people shop for gifts, they look for something personal or wallet friendly, while others try and find something useful.  

As someone who tries to keep her presents personal, freshman Barrett Butler, has some tips that she uses to find the perfect gift. “I think about past conversations and inside jokes” said Barrett. She also starts shopping quite early, “I shop over the summer, I see things and I think oh so-and-so would like this.” When asked if she likes shopping more online or in person she said, “Oh definitely in stores, you can actually see what they have, and things are always on sale!” Barrett said she usually puts full trust in the person getting her a gift and that she feels weird while “dropping hints.” Last year she received the most meaningful and special gift she has ever gotten, her dog. She and her little sister, Addison, went downstairs and found a note that said that they were going to get him at 5p.m. At the time her little sister still believed in Santa so the first thing she said was “Santa is so cool!” Barrett’s last comment was that the amount of money does not matter, “It’s the thought that counts for me.”    

Giving the perfect gift for someone is often a tough task. Finding a meaningful gift can become very stressful. A great way to start present hunting is by doing some homework on the giftee. Doing research on the person could make the process easier. Almost everyone has some form of social media; a quick scroll down someone’s profile page can provide a lot of information. Learning about the life and small details of a person is a huge step towards getting a meaningful present. Next, consider handmaking the gift. A DIY project could brighten someone’s day. Time being spent on making something would mean a lot to the person receiving the gift. Lastly, including a note with the gift adds sentiment and personal touches.  

 The usefulness of a gift is always important to think about while shopping. Research on the person also comes in handy while testing a gift’s functionality. Knowing certain details will make it easier to think about usefulness. Things to take into consideration are if the person would use it often or daily and if its use is practical. Many prefer useful items as a gift instead of something that ends up sitting in ignored areas around their house. Memorable gifts are often experiencing and not items. Allie McGhee says, “The best gift I’ve ever received is tickets to a Broadway show.”    

If after all these tips you still cannot think of the perfect gift, you may be shopping for the impossible gifter. This is the person who says, “I don’t know what I want” or “I don’t want anything.” Although this is a set back, there are still options. One idea is a gift card to a store or restaurant. A gift card is always a safe option since you can personalize it to some extent but still give them the freedom to pick out what they want. Another idea is a basket of small things they enjoy. This can include candy, their favorite movie, fuzzy socks, etc.  

After you finally figured out what to buy, it is important you shop smart. If you have a lot of people to shop for, you especially will want to get the best deals you can. The first step to this is to do your research. Google the item you want to buy and compare prices from multiple stores. Senior Nicole Ardovino recommends using the website “Honey” to save money while online shopping. “I heard about ‘Honey’ from Shane Dawson and since I started using it I’ve saved tons of money,” said Ardovino. It is a free website that automatically applies coupon codes for you at checkout and can save you money on almost every purchase. 

 Once you have found the best deals, make sure you keep an organized list of what you have bought and what you still need to buy. An app like “Santa’s Bag” can help organize your purchases. You can set budgets, create lists for each person, and keep track of what you have and have not bought. It is easy to lose track of what you bought so simple things like this can make your shopping a lot simpler.

Although the holidays can be stressful, using small tips and tricks like these can help you make it through. This season is a time to appreciate those around you and be thankful for what you have, so don’t get too caught up in materialistic things. No matter what gifts you end up giving, remember it is the thought that counts.