A Little BDHS History

Brentsville opened on September 5, 1929  with 88 students and 8 teachers in a “plant” consisting of 6 classrooms, 2 washrooms, and an auditorium-gymnasium combination.   C.O. Bittle was the first principal. The class of 1933 consisted of 13 students and the class of 1940 had grown to 18 students.  The “plant” was enlarged by 4 classrooms, a library, and an office in 1947. This is what most of us know as the “old” Nokesville school on Fitzwater Drive.

In February 1953, the high school wing was added and the enrollment began a steady climb until 1963 when construction began on a new “plant” (our present building).  Moving day was on March 14, 1964 when students and faculty worked Saturday to open another chapter in the annals of BDHS, moving into the present building.

Some stats from the 1964-65 school year:

Number of students—290                 Class rooms–16
Number of seniors—47                      Lockers–250
Number of teachers—20                    Athletic fields–2
Number of bus drivers—6                  Parking—60 cars
Cafeteria workers—14                        Acreage—30 acres
Number of sports—5                         Courses offered–34
Library books—3062

Information courtesy of Pat Finnigan.