A Waiter, an Umpire, and a Traffic Reporter..


Mr. Matt Carbo has spent the last few years as an administrator at BDHS.

Alannah Post, Editor-in-Chief

This week’s edition of “A Little Bit” highlights a staff member that was raised in Monroeville, Pennsylvania and attended Gateway Senior High School.  Upon graduation, he received a scholarship due to his score on his high school Latin test and attended The University of Dallas in Irving Texas.  While obtaining his Bachelor’s degree, he was required to attend the university’s campus in Rome, Italy to complete his sophomore year.  During this year, he was able to travel throughout Europe. After obtaining a degree in Classics, he taught for one year in a middle school in Dallas and one year at a high school in Irving, Texas.

He then returned to Monroeville, where he worked various jobs, including as a bartender (imagine that), waiter, umpire, and for a traffic reporting company.  Here, his job was to travel the roads and report traffic conditions back to the studio so it could be relayed over the air.

He then taught Latin at a private school in the Pittsburgh area before coming down to Virginia. He taught at Hylton High School in Prince William County in 2002 before coming to Brentsville in 2009 as a teacher.  While in Prince William, he obtained his Master’s degree from Virginia Tech.  He became an administrator at Brentsville in 2015.

Now you know “A Little Bit” about Mr. Matt Carbo, Assistant Principal.

Information courtesy of Pat Finnigan.