A Wonders-ful Life


Alannah Post

Mr. Wonders, one of BDHS’ favorite teachers, sits at his desk.

Alannah Post, Editor-in-Chief

This week’s “Little Bit” in on a staff member that was raised in southern Virginia and attended Meadowbrook High School.  After high school, he attended the Shenandoah Conservatory of Music specializing in piano and french horn.  After one year there, he decided that was not the place for him, so he transferred to Virginia Commonwealth University to study history.  While attending school there, he worked at a local law firm.

After obtaining his undergraduate degree, he attended the University of Alabama and obtained his Master’s degree.

Soon after that, he worked as an Assistant Historian for the Supreme Court for 7 years recording the history of past Supreme Court Justices.  He interviewed justices such as John Paul Stevens, Thurgood Marshall, and others.

After 7 years in this position, he began his teaching career as a student teacher at Hylton High School, then transferred here as a teacher at BDHS in 2000.  He taught to Battlefield High School for 2 years before returning to Brentsville.

Now you know “A Little Bit” about Peter Wonders, Social Studies teacher.

Information courtesy of Pat Finnigan.