Tigers Swim To Victory

Alannah Post, Editor-in-Chief

We are officially in the downhill back-half of the season, and we had a decent meet with Patriot despite fighting illnesses and coming off of break. The loss comes as no surprise, though we managed to have some best times and a State Cut. So let’s get to it – onto the Highlight Reel!


State Cuts

Jack “Michigan Man” Cataneo: 50 FR – who just shows up with a tech suit and knocks down a State Cut for fun? THAT GUY.


Noteworthy Performances

John “Tempo Tester” Rhyder: Cruising to a four second drop in the 200 FR and settling into a freestyle way of life.

Ian “First-not-Third Draft Pick” Spencer: Finishing out the 200 IM, a measly SIXTY-SECONDS from his first time at tryouts.

Allie “Street Fighter” McGehee: Taking eight seconds off of her previous IM time, all the while building character with every stroke.

Ike “Never Say Never” Davis, Abby “The Closer” Conway, & Nick “The Rock” Cotton: All taking on arguably the gutsiest swims of the night, showing true grit, and an unshakeable determination in the 100 FLY and 500 FR.


We’ve got a BIG meet coming up in the form of the Cancer Fundraiser and Senior Night Meet this Friday at CPAC at 8. Double-finger points and double-high fives for all!

Information courtesy of Anne-Marie Livengood.