Why Animated Disney Movies Are Better Than the Live-Action Versions


Disney via Wonder Costumes

Animated vs, live action Beauty and the Beast.

Abbigail Muddiman and Ashley McGee

When Walt Disney created an alternate universe in 1937, he changed the fate of cinema and content creation forever.

The first Disney movie was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Many children grew up watching the animated Disney movies before the new live-action versions came out.

Although they are the same stories, just slightly changed and non animated, it can not compare to the original animated movies everyone knows and loves.

Walt Disney has always been known for their talented artists that draw amazing animations. Those that love reading probably loved the animated versions the best because they are closer to the books.

Though some think the animated movies are not taken seriously, they bring children’s imagination to life. Young kids may connect to the animated movies more because they are more open-minded.

However, some people like the live-action versions more. Seeing real people and real environments makes it easier for the adult audience to connect and feel more comfortable with the story while maintaining the message of the content.

Transitioning from animated movies to live-action movies is a harder job for the writer though, things have to be thought out. Another complication with live-action movies is that one bad casting could bring the whole movie down.

Technology has made Disney movies a huge hit with television and theaters, but casting an Elsa as a Jasmine for a live-action movie will not sell well with the majority of audiences.

The first PG-13 Disney movie was Pirates of the Caribbean, Curse of the Black Pearl , that was created in 2003.

High demand for wanting to see “real” people with “real” emotions may be why live-action versions are created. With giving into this demand to people, Disney makes more money.

When recreating the animated movies into life-action movies, it sometimes takes away the magic that started with animated versions. It is hard to keep the magic in live-action movies and many children will not forget the kind of experience that is in seeing animation. Either way, however, it is all about the storytelling at the end of the day, and as long as Disney does that, the differences aren’t too important.