How to Finish the Race


Mile Stat

Abigail Seigel running in the regional Cross Country.

Patrick Broemmel, Opinions Editor

Many runners say that running is a lifestyle, since it affects what they eat, how much sleep they need, what they do, and changes the way they think and learn. 

Preparing for track has four parts. The first is living, this includes drinking the right amount of water so the body can function properly with the amount of work it is being put through. In addition, eating properly, not eating fast food and candy for every meal, and eating nutritious foods with carbohydrates and protein to repair your muscles are also very important.

The second part is finding the right clothes. Running in jeans and heels is a bad idea, runners should get running shorts and avoid cotton shirts, because they become very uncomfortable. Running shoes can easily be over $150, but they will save the feet a lot of pain and injuries, because they are designed to cushion the feet from the impact on the track and without the proper shoes it is easy to become injured. 

Training is the third part, which includes running, weight training, stretching and skill work. To get faster and stronger training is needed. Stretching is also important to keep the muscles from building up lactic acid, a waste product of fermentation, that the body uses to produces energy without the use of oxygen and can cause runners to become sore. Track also requires weight training to increase muscle density. Skill work is needed to advance techniques like jumping and throwing and an experienced coach is needed to teach them. Runners deal with many aches and pains which make them better and tough. 

The last part is competing in a meet. This can be hard, as many people forget the preparation they have done since the season began. The right mindset is important because thinking excuses like “this doesn’t matter” and “these guys are so much better than me anyway” are horrible for any chance of success, because demeaning thoughts can effect the physical capabilities of your body. 

Track is a big commitment, however runners agree that they get back what they give. Track builds character and increases the body’s tolerance to pain. Studies show that runners in high school have a higher average GPA than other sports because runners that can work out for two hours straight find studying for 30 minutes easy.