Welcome One, Welcome All


Amanda Hart, Author

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Now, as the new morning  


We walk. 

Just follow me. 

Round the street corner and 

Spot the bright slashes 

Of red 

Flutter on the flagpoles. 

Escape towards the neighborhood, 

And notice the shaped dial 

Of Blue 

Remaining intact by the doorframe. 

Dodge the raging traffic ahead, 

Glimpsing the east-facing stars 

Of white 

Blasting behind the moving automobiles. 

Everywhere you look, 

It flies high with 


Is it 

The gratification of a nation? 


The fulfilment of the people? 

What about 

Both, and oh-so much more? 

This is the United States 

Of America, 

And when I say, “You’ll find our flag 

On every corner,” 

I mean it. 

It’s our pride and joy. 

You’re new to the country? 

That’s your flag. 

Rich or poor? 

That’s your flag, too. 

Different background? 





And long may it wave. 

I can’t speak for you, 

But that piece of cloth gleaming on the classroom wall, 

It’s got value. 

Do you feel it? 

The tingling sense of 

Patriotism, with every glance 

You take? 

America, the nation of freedom, is valuable. 

Here, we celebrate 

The Fourth of July 

As if 

We won 

The Revolutionary War 


Here, we support freedom 

As a successful, 

God blessed Nation 

Of Democracy. 

We’re awe-inspiring, unprecedented, vivacious, perilous, unpredictable… 

We are 

The United States 

Of America, 

Where Old Glory flies sky-high, 

Joy lives in all our hearts, 

And pride is the national religion. 

Welcome one, 

Welcome all.