How To Have The Perfect Valentine’s Day


Jordan Jennings and Noelle Lopez

Candy, flowers, heart-shaped notes—what’s not to like about Valentine’s Day? This sweet celebration, which happens every year on February 14, is all about spreading the love. It’s a festival of romantic love and many people give cards, letters, flowers or presents to their spouse, partner or friends.  Some people dread this holiday while others get excited and go all out!

On Valentines day most people spend time with their significant other or their best friends. There are plenty of things to do on valentines day even without a partner! So don’t be upset about being single you can still have so much fun. Here are some great ways to spend Valentines day single or not!

A good idea for a date or just to be with friends is to binge watch a Netflix show and order food. It can be a time for you and your partner to watch your favorite show, cuddle , and eat a lot of food. Even with your friends it can be fun, you get to spend time with your favorite people and of course, eat your favorite foods. Another idea is to have a bonfire, sitting by the warm fire with someone you can about is a great way to spend your night. Grab some marshmallows, chocolates, and s’mores, then spend the night cuddling up by the fire. Bonus points if you can make one on the beach. You may binge a movie with bae every once in a while, but have you ever indulged in a mega movie marathon? Head to CVS and stock up on snacks, then grab the coziest blanket you own and choose a theme. Whether it’s scary movies, or rom coms, you’re in for a good night.

Whether you are single of in a relationship you can have a great day by doing anyone of these fun ideas!