How Teachers Affect a Student’s Interest in a Subject

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How Teachers Affect a Student’s Interest in a Subject

Victoria Bruno, Cecilia Martinez, and Simran Chowdhury

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In January, students at BDHS shared their thoughts about how teachers affect a student’s interest on a subject.

Almost every student said the teacher does affect how much they enjoy the subject. It seems as if the teacher is rude or disrespectful, students do not enjoy the class. As a whole, students do not want to be in a class where they are going to be yelled at. On the flip side, students favor the teachers who make classes fun.

“I like Horticulture and math more because it is [taught by] my volleyball coach [Beard],” said an anonymous student.

According to the student at BDHS, students like subjects where the teacher is more relaxed and don’t give a huge amount of homework.

”My favorite class is English because the teacher [Fleming] is chill and we don’t get much work,” explained freshman Jessy Morano.

Whether its female, male, young, old, strict or relaxed, some students just feel more comfortable with a certain type of teacher. “It does change my opinion on the class because I like the way they teach and their personality,” answered freshman Georgia Pawlowski.

50 percent of students said their favorite subject has not changed over the years, while the rest said it has changed for them personally.

In some situations, the teacher has nothing to do with student’s favorite subject. Their favorite subject is the thing they succeed at the most.

“My favorite subject stays the same each year. The teacher does not affect it,” commented Haseeb.

“I put the same amount of effort into work,” freshman Ben Badillo said about trying less in subjects he does not like.

If a teacher has a bad attitude or is negative, most of the time students do not want to put effort toward the subject because they are going to be discouraged by the outcome. If the teacher is kind and cares about teaching, the student will most likely want to make the teacher proud by doing their best.