PWCS Lends a Helping Hand During the Government Shutdown

PWCS Superintendent, Dr. Steven Walts, visits multiple schools.

PWCS Superintendent, Dr. Steven Walts, visits multiple schools.

Grace Dudas & Aidan McAvoy

Prince William County Schools has stepped in to help during the government shutdown to ease burdens caused by it and to show they care for their students and their families.   In the county, the government shut down effected many families, creating financial hardships for some.  Along with this, families in the military had to get second jobs and many federal workers did not receive pay.  Some government employees work paycheck to paycheck just to survive—missing a paycheck proved devastating to these families.  PWCS was there to help.  

Specifically, PWCS helped by offering price-reduction for meals as well as free meals to students who needed it.  In addition to this, PWCS also offered part-time jobs to those in the community who needed to supplement their income.  Substitute Teacher positions as well as Bus Driver positions were some employment options offered to the community.   

PWCS’s heartfelt concern left the community feeling unified in the face of hardship.