The Immigration Issue


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A map of immigration patterns to the States.

Patrick Broemmel, Opinions Editor

The Roar has compiled an article on controversial political opinion to broaden the mindset of our readers.


America has always been a nation of immigrants; most Americans can trace their family tree back to various other countries. Although the country has been a “Promised Land” for immigrants for centuries, the Government recently has been cracking down on illegal immigration.  

Federal law now forbids anyone from entering the country without documentation. However, the government’s attempts to stop illegal immigration have been protested by many in the US. Some say these aliens are in the work force, helping the country, as well as some have had children born here making them U.S. citizens. 

Efforts to slow mass undocumented immigration is not a new idea, the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 prevented Chinese immigrants from entering the country. The creation of Ellis Island as a federal immigration center was to prevent undocumented people from living in the U.S., as many believe that illegal aliens are parasitic to the country because some live off federal welfare programs without working and “take” scholarships from students wanting to go to college. 

Even though immigration laws are made by the federal government, the state of California has not only allowed, but encouraged immigrants to cross the border without documentation or registration, giving them shelter, money, and even school scholarships, something many disapprove of. 

Those who apply for citizenship can become legal immigrants through a naturalization process. While this process is slow, it would need to be substantially revised to increase the pace at which immigrants become citizens, but it is the best and only permanent way to become a legal resident of the U.S.