A New High School Musical


Allie McGehee and Timmy Tyrrell on their date at Out Of The Blue

The Roar staff arranged a blind date between freshmen Timmy Tyrell and Allie McGehee.
Allie McGehee is in the drama club’s production of “Seussical”.
Timmy Tyrrell drives professional stock cars to raise money for cancer.  Out of the Blue Crabs and Seafood provided the dinner. Here’s what happened:

Did you know each other already?

Timmy: “We did know each other before the date, we go to the same gym.”

Allie: “Yes, we did.”

What did you order?

Timmy: “I ordered the hamburger.”

Allie: “I ordered the pasta and chicken.”

When did you get there?

Timmy: “I got there at 6:25, I think.”

Allie: “I got there at 6:30.”

What did you wear?

Timmy: “I wore khaki pants with some dress shoes and a pretty casual shirt.”

Allie: “I wore heels with skinny jeans and a black shirt.”

What did you talk about?

Timmy: “We talked a lot about our dogs, so that was pretty fun.”
Allie: “We both go to the same crossfit class.”

Did you have fun?

Timmy: “Yea it was fun, the food was good.”

Allie: “It was fun.”

Could you see a relationship happening?

Timmy: “Not like in that way, I think it would just be better as friends though.”

Allie: “We were like kinda friends before that, so I guess we’re better friends now.”