Rumors of BDHS Closing


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Redistricting in 2021

Meredith Crockett, Editor-in-Chief

For many, the rumor of BDHS closing is a concern, as many families have been at the school for generations. This is our school’s 90th year since opening its doors back in 1929. Could the family legacy of attending Brentsville really be close to its end? Being the oldest high school in the county,  many are speculating that a new high school might be all that is needed for the school board to close BDHS.  

The rumor may have circulated due to a recent reveal that a 13th PWC high school is set to ope some time in Sept. 2021 in the western half of the county.  The plans for this new school intended to fix the overcrowding at Battlefield, Patriot, and Stonewall. The new school will serve roughly 2,557 students, making it about the same size as Patriot.

BDHS community members fear the new school will take the majority of BDHS students, ostensibly sending those that remain to other schools such as Colgan and Patriot.  

However,  BDHS area’s School Board representative Gil Trenum assures that BDHS will remain open. 

Layout of the 13th high school.

“There is no plan for BDHS to close at any time in the foreseeable future,” said Trenum. “The 1,100 high school seats at BDHS are a critical component to our capacity planning over the next ten years and beyond.”