Fool’s Gold


Michaela Jones

photo taken by Michaela Jones

Sam M

Stark white skin
Contrasting a gleeful grin
A heavenly version
Tainted with devilish coercion
The promise of relief
To leave behind my world filled with grief
Take me to a fairytale
Far, far away where my body does not wail
Lead me to a cold fueled world
Embrace me as my vessel is curled
Pull my being into eternal slumber
Shrieking thoughts lessen in number
Fool’s Gold
That’s what I’ve been told
A broken cassette tape
Of false escape
Fairytales won’t save me
If they could, none of this would be
Bottle full of lies
Only momentarily muffles my cries
Reality is my only world
No more fantasy life, little girl
Pour them down the drain
Clean off the blood stain
This is no cure
Just a sinister lure
Nothing but Fool’s Gold