The Trip


Andrew Rice

photo taken by Andrew Rice

Alejandra James

Dear Sam,
Today is September 9, 1989. I am traveling to my mom’s and dad’s house after going to my farm to pick fruits for my family who live about 15 miles away. By the way, I am riding my white horse – her name is Lisa. Today the temperature was over the 80’s. I felt the sun beaming on my head and sweat dripping down my face. Lisa and I had to cross the river, which was 4 feet deep. The river was stained with red clay and was calm, moving without a sound. After getting out of the river, I could see Lisa’s hair stained a maroon red color.

I was getting hungry, so I ate a mango I got as an extra for me to eat on the way back. I stopped and gave an apple and water to Lisa. By then I finished my mango. I felt all sticky, so I spotted a pond and washed my hands. We had about 4 to 5 miles left until we got home. It was nice to be in nature hearing the chirps of the birds, the dogs barking, and the clacking of Lisa’s hooves on the stones. We finally reached my farm. I just had to put away Lisa in her stable with her brother named Kooky. Next, I went inside at exactly 12:00 PM and greeted my family. Then I was done for the day.