2018’s Tornadoes Gone Missing


Stephanie Lazo

Students preparing for a tornado drill.

Pat Finnigan

This edition of “Did You Know” is thanks to Mr. Scavongelli.

There were 991 tornadoes in the United States in 2018. Last year tornadoes lacked their usual intensity; 2018 was the first year without any “violent” tornadoes. In 2018, there were 10 deaths caused by tornadoes, this was a record low.

As of September 2018, Virginia had 19 tornadoes, which was five more than Oklahoma. On average, Oklahoma has 62 tornadoes per year while Virginia has 18. Virginia had the least amount of tornadoes in 1982 with a total of one tornado the entire year.  The year with the highest amount of tornadoes was 2004, where there were 84. The typical peak month for tornadoes is May; in 2018 they occurred between the months January and November.

It is time for a tornado drill. Now you know, even if you didn’t want to!

Your Friend,

Pat Finnigan