From A Tiger To A Shark


Stephanie Lazo

Makayla Bowman holds her acceptance letter to Colgan's Fiction Creative Writing Program

Victoria Bruno

In February of 2019, freshman Makayla Bowman, was accepted into Colgan’s Fiction Creative Writing Program.

The program is designed to train students and give them the proper skill set to thrive in a university arts program and beyond. It is there to develop and encourage creativity, self-expression, and critical thinking.

Bowman has wanted to be a writer since fifth grade, but only started pursing it last year when she auditioned to join the program

Bowman talked about some of her goals for the future.”I would like to be a published realistic fiction author,” said Bowman.

She is excited about going to Colgan but a bit nervous, because she can not wait to start the program but, Colgan is a much bigger school and there are not as many familiar faces. Bowman is going to miss BDHS because she really likes the people here, especially her favorite teacher Mrs. Elsasser.

Going to Colgan and leaving BDHS was a hard decision for her to make. “I have a lot of friends here, but I am drawn to Colgan because of the program,” commented Bowman.

“I have a lot of friends here, but I am drawn to Colgan because of the program.””

— Makayla Bowman

The audition process was long but worth the wait. “In October of 2018 I sent in a letter with my grades to see if I was eligible for the program. Auditioned in January by sending in some of my work. Then, I went there in person to free write about, in February I got my acceptance letter.”

There are some downsides to joining the program. Bowman will have to wake up earlier and get home later in the afternoon, but she says either way it is worth it.

“I heard it was a smaller program, so there is more teacher-student connection; it helps push me out of my comfort zone, I will receive a more formal writing education, and I will be around other writers,” those are just a few of the reasons Bowman was attracted to Colgan’s Fiction Creative Writing Program.