The Outstanding History of Brentsville’s Principals


Our current principal, Mrs. Meints.

Pat Finnigan

Good morning folks,

Did You Know, that since the year 1929, when Brentsville District High School opened, there have been 13 principals. Their names and years of service were:

1929-1947:  C.O.Bittle
1947-1950:  Cale Gibson
1950-1967:  D. C. Link (He opened our school’s present building in 1964)
1967-1978:  James Addington
1978-1984:  Norval Waugh
1984-1987:  John Scott
1987-1997:  George Clark
1997-1999:  Sara Fitts
1999-2005:  Mickey Mulgrew
2005-2007:  Alex Carter
2007-2011:  Robert Scott
2011-Present:  Katherine Meints

Now You Know!

Your friend,

Pat Finnigan