Michaela Jones

photography taken by Michaela Jones

Jonas Hibbert


Glistening in the sunlight but near impossible to see in the darkness.
A piece of paper once dry has now become soaked with the tears from the eyes of the sky.
All the negative feelings gathered in the dark gray sky
The tears of the many lead to a downpour of rain
Could you forgive me if I could not cry?

If the tears of mine manifest only in the rain when all my feelings become thousands of rain drops finding their destination only to rise to the clouds again.
Many people run away from the rain, but it reminds me of how I can still feel.
the rain is not just negative emotions to me but happy memories I can no longer touch or remember.
The friendships clear to me in the past now only puddles in the road
A playground once navigable now inaccessible.

There are places in the world where it doesn’t rain does that mean they have grown completely incapable of feeling with their monochrome almost autonomous movement that seems to overcrowd the world.
We tell ourselves we are fine, and that this world isn’t as bad as it seems but that’s just reassurance.
Inside we realize that we aren’t as alive as we remember that it doesn’t rain as much as it used to and when we realize that we seem happy, but all the tears once cried are forgotten and rise to the clouds to be held there.