Varsity Baseball Makes it Big


Baseball team becomes regional champs

Jordan Jennings, Contributing Editor

At Brentsville High School, baseball is more than just a game of bats and balls and gloves. It is a commitment to every detail of the game that has fostered a culture of strong work ethic and, subsequently, consistently solid play. The team has not lost a single game and now are number 1 in the 3A conference 28 and are number 20 in the state. They have a record of 12-0 and are still going strong.

The boys have put in so much work to get to where they are today. They have only given up 27 runs and have scored 99 runs overall. The boys have now made their way to state semi finals, they will be playing in Salem. These boys have worked so hard to get this far.

The team is coached by Ms. Beard and Mr. Knight, they help push this team to greatness. They are the varsity coaches and have lead this team to victory. Coach Beard has been coaching for 2 years with coach Brian and the team has been winning ever since. They have helped this team make it to state semifinals and hope to help them go ever farther and win all the way.