Michaela Jones

Photography by Michaela Jones

Jonas Hibbert

The fall is considered the end of things or the degrading of something
We consider it a bad thing in the way we address it culturally
We fall and get hurt that’s the way our world phrases it
A difference in night and is what we consider falling and getting up
But if you look closer they are the same
We must fall before we get up if we get hurt we grow stronger and are able to better prepare ourselves
The way we address this is we in our ultimate state or irony are falling ourselves
We say we are bringing justice but all we do is cause drama
We say the dark is bad because it’s the unknown
We feel fear in what we don’t know

The fear of death is of course part of that, we think of death as the end of something
But things live on in everything we do and see
Monuments and memorials are made in memory of the dead as if they still walk
We perform dances and perform music centered around death, but this is a small example of our world and its irony
Our devotion to gods and beliefs just show us more that we don’t believe in this fall of things
That the fall isn’t an end but a beginning, for we all must fall and for this we must believe