JV Softball Holds A Better Record Than Varsity


Jv softball girls celebrate another win VS Manassaas park

Jordan Jennings, Contributing Editor

For the first time in years the JV girls softball team holds a better record than varsity. The JV girls have won 4 games this season. This may not seem like a lot, but in the last 4 years JV has only won against  Manassas Park High School. This year the girls have beat 3 teams that no one expected them to beat.

This year, Brentsville almost did not have a JV softball team, after the previous coach had left with no one to take their place. The team got a coach at the very last minute, Coach Eric Jenkins. Coach Eric has always said, “I don’t care that this is just JV, you all are better than how everyone sees you.” He knows the girls have potential and he helps bring it out in them. JV has succeeded this year because of his coaching style and his faith in the girls. This year the girls have beaten Patriot High School, Culpeper High School, and Manassas Park High School. It has been a great season for the girls so far and they hope to continue to succeed more.

As for the season and their recent winnings, the players had a range of emotions. Many girls who were on the team in previous seasons did not expect to win as much they did this year. Sophomore Brittany Davis said, “I did not except to win because we never really have won more than one game.” She also stated that “I liked this season more than a lot better than every other season, we played as a team more.” Another player, freshman Emilee Will, commented that, “This season is so different, we have won, Coach Boo is hardcore and pushes us to be better.” The girls have worked so hard and have maintained their record and ended the season holding a record of 4-9.  Overall the girls have worked so hard to maintain this record and have proven that JV is just as important as Varsity and can win just as much.