In Loving Memory of Diana J. Dyer

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In Loving Memory of Diana J. Dyer

Stephanie Lazo

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Diana Jane Dyer was a successful coach and teacher at BDHS. Sadly, Dyer passed away April 9, 2019 at 71 years old. She will be remembered for being a friend to everyone and for her contributions to BDHS. 

Diana J. Dyer was born on April 19, 1947. She graduated from Osbourn High School in 1964.  While attending Osburn High School, she was part of many athletic teams. She also participated in several student activities. She later graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Lamburth University in Jackson, Tennessee. 

Mr. Smaltz, who met Dyer in 1991, said, “over the course of 34 years, Dyer taught over 2,000 students at BDHS.” She coached the women’s basketball and softball teams. She also served as the athletic director for several years. Dyer led the teams to Tri-State and Northern Neck District titles. Her success led her to winning the title of Coach of the Year. 

According to InsideNova, Dyer enjoyed reading books and traveling. She attended the Summer Olympics of 1984 and 1996 as a spectator. She also took part in planning high school reunions. 

Dyer was known for being kind-hearted person. A few staff members at BDHS had the opportunity to meet her. Ms. Witt stated, “If you knew Diana, you always had a friend. From student to administration, she made you feel special.” Ms. Witt personally knew Dyer all her life. Her father was a teacher at BDHS, and he was a close friend of Dyer’s. Dyer was even one of Ms. Witt’s teachers when she attended Brentsville. 

“If you knew Diana, you always had a friend. From student to administration, she made you feel special.””

— Ms. Witt

Dyer was always dedicated to her job and was the essence of BDHS athletics. Even after retiring, Dyer always supported all activities and sporting events. Mr. Smaltz said, “teachers and coaches agree she was the best of the best.”  

The gymnasium at BDHS is named after Dyer – the Diana J. Dyer gym. Ms. Witt said Dyer was an “outstanding athlete, great coach, superior mentor, and lasting friend.” She earned the respect of her colleagues and students and was well-loved throughout and after her tenure at Brentsville.  

Dyer had a lot of school pride for BDHS. She was always seen wearing orange and black proudly, as many students today can see teachers like English’s Mrs. Heather Oberle do, going all out for Spirit Week. “She has clothing from every sports program and showed her Tiger Pride to all,” said Ms. Witt.  

BDHS will honor Dyer for her strong commitment and support. But most importantly, she will be remembered for making BDHS an amazing environment. “Diana made Brentsville a place where you wanted to be and a place where you wanted your children to be.”