Everyday Umbrella


Michaela Jones

Photography by Michaela Jones

Jonas Hibbert

Heavy under the weight of the rain
Under the unconscious umbrella
Holding its hurting, healing the heart
Don’t drop it or drag it
Don’t catch or cram it
Indestructible to its insolence
An alternating act
Protecting the inside from the outside
Protecting the dark outside from breaking the inside
Stopping the smell of the rain falling from the sky
Keeping the warm heart from breaking
Hearing the cries of the sky as it sings its sad song
Fragile to the wind as it blows its harsh words to break it
Not letting the rain get through to it
Not breaking even if the wind blows
Choosing whether to break or
not to break on the pressure of the wind
Having the ability to protect the people
it holds close from the harsh outside
Easy to let go of but hard to break
Deciding whether or not to see the dark sky
Deciding if you should stay or go
Deciding if you will get touched by the dark rain or not
Deciding whether to let the cold in or not
Deciding whether to break or continue protecting itself