The Colors of Me


Michaela Jones

Photography by Michaela Jones

Amanda Hart , Author

I come alive when the light dies.
I’m Aubusson Gold, that seems right.
See the flood and storm at midnight,
Careful ‘cause it’ll peel away by sunrise.
I’ll say it once at the Bayside,
I’m a Gold Market with eyes wide.

I’m Cartographic, with plenty of lines.
Maybe scars, but they’re all mine.
They draw a smile as I lie;
just false truths of an easy life.
There’s nothing self-inflicted, I promise,
But that doesn’t stop all this pain…

Lie twice, turn off those lights.
Make it three, and let’s count the drive,
Since you know this doesn’t feel right.
Why don’t you forget me?

I’m not Simply Joyful,
I’m not waiting for no-one.
Your advice means nothing to me.
I don’t know what any of it means.

I’m just a Radicchio Leaf,
now blow me down.
And I’ll glide to the ground
But you can’t keep me down there.
Drops make waves in the ocean,
So why can’t I punch holes in the sky?

Don’t you dare expect the past
to repeat.
You know endings don’t change.
The bell chime dying;

Glass shrieks as I swear,
“I’ll break out of this.”
Let the Russent Pink
fade from my cheeks,
I never wanna let it out again.
Don’t forget where you came from.
I won’t, I’m only human.
Life fades. So does love.
I won’t just go along with it.

I’ll pick up my pieces all alone, you’ll see. Maybe one day, I’ll teach you how to as well.