Pensive Skies

Jonas Hibbert

Silently he looks up to the rays of the pale white sun feeling as though it’s lost all color. He takes a deep breath and feels the sea breeze blowing over him as the boards sing a sad song, the boats coming in sounding close to the sounds of a crying child.

Gingerly he looks into the distance towards the lighthouse, the light seeming to have lost all luminosity. How can the world regain color in his eyes or his he bound to live colorless? Everywhere he goes the eyes follow him, judging him, telling him how he should be seeing the world as if to force the color into him despite them not having color themselves.

He finds day by day the sounds of the sea being the only thing he can hear besides the whispers in the wind. Day by day the scenes pass on by, the same monochrome colors following him despite the attempts to pull out of the monochrome pit of the factory pulling him in. He grabs at the walls of the factory as they become boards and sails, stuck in an endless sea of monochrome as he struggles to breathe.

In the sea he finds comfort in small things such as the sounds of the distorted lighthouse bell following him no matter how far he travels, the eyes following him even in the obscure pits of his mind. What they say he does not know, what they see he can’t hear, for if he breathes within this sea he will drown. Whether to float or down the eyes do not care as they watch him sink deeper, not even bothering to help.

The lighthouse bell stops tolling, no longer audible as the eyes sees to open and the waves covering over him. Sinking deeper he tries to look into the monochrome to see only a single light of hope. He wakes up alarmed by what he sees and tells his wife about what he saw, she tells him to ignore it and continue, for only a fool believes in a monochrome sea. The man heeds her words and walks deep into the forest towards the harbor. Along the way the man finds himself in a creek and feels a cold drop of rain but decides to ignore it and continues. The man moves forward for not even a few steps to see a crow stuck to the ground and unable to fly due to the rain. The crow tells him that if he can help him get through this rain, he will take him to the colorful sky and away from the monochrome. The man not understanding this and believing the words that he had convinced himself of leaves the crow to the storm and continues on his way.

Later when he has finally arrived at the harbor, he finds no harbor and only a single feather covered in a rainbow of colors. Unsure of what to think the man leaves it and walks towards the sea grabbing his fishing rod to catch some fish. To the man’s surprise the usually plentiful sea brought up only a catfish, finding that odd he tosses the fish back into the sea only to be met with not even a sound as he is brought to the emptiness. Alone in the dark the man finally understands what the crow was warning him about, but by then it is too late as he is taken by the reaper.