Seniors Paint Their Parking Spots


Cassie Rozman

Senior Cassie Rozman paints her parking spot after her jeep.

Jordan Jennings, Contributing Editor

Going back to school is always full of mixed emotions. On the one hand, it’s the end of summer and freedom, but it also means you’ll get to see your friends again and reconnect.

It’s especially bittersweet for high school seniors. While they’re looking forward to adult life outside of high school, this is also the last year they’ll be together with the kids they’ve grown up with. But for the seniors at Brentsville District High School it also means they get to take part in a great school tradition that celebrates the students’ individuality, and also symbolizes that they’ve reached the highest rung in the school. And it includes a little decoration.

At the beginning of the year, the seniors paint their assigned parking spaces in the parking lot. They can do whatever they want, and use it as a way to express themselves and their pride in their school, their community, and their friends. The senior classes of 2020 let their imaginations take over when they got to paint their parking spots.

The Roar Staff asked seniors about their parking spots. Paige Skewes said ” I wanted to paint my parking spot so people can not park in my spot” she also said

“It is my last year at Brentsville and I get to express myself in my parking spot and show that I am graduating.””

— Paige Skews

Senior Caroline luebs is painting her parking after a sponge bob episode with the quote “Is this an open parking space? No this is Caroline’s!”

They are coming up with creative designs and filling the parking lot with a splash of color. Most chose to paint there parking spot something fun rather than something that means something to them. After graduation the senior must paint over there creative works with black paint for the next upcoming seniors.