Meet BDHS’ New Tiger Teachers


Rachel Bush

Ms. Forst and Mr. Knight pose in the math hallway.

Emily Jacob

After saying farewell to some of BDHS’ favorite teachers last school year, 10 new staff members have found their home as Tigers.

Ms. Sarah Forst, Ms. Anna Henke, Mr. Brian Knight, Mr. Brian Russell, Ms. Victoria Sampedro, and Ms. Valerie Kelly are six of the BDHS teachers that made their debut during the 2019-2020 school year.

Ms. Forst, who previously taught at BDHS and left in 1999, is returning to teach Algebra I and Geometry, marking her 12th year in education.

“I love watching my kids play soccer and basketball,” Ms. Forst said about her favorite hobbies. “I enjoy hiking, the beach, and reading.” She also wants her students to know its okay to make mistakes and ask for help.

Mr. Knight teaches Algebra II and AFDA classes. “While riding bikes on Assateague Island this summer, we got up close and personal with the wild horses, which was a great experience,” he recalls about his favorite summer memory. He enjoys biking with his wife as often as he can. This year will be his 31st year in education.

Splitting her time between The Nokesville School and BDHS, Ms. Henke teaches fifth through eighth grade strings, as well as intermediate and advanced orchestra classes.

“When I was in school, my music classes (and teachers) were like my ‘home’ and inspired me to achieve in other classes outside of music,” said Ms. Henke about what inspired her to become a music teacher.

Mr. Russell teaches AICE Physics, IGCSE Physics, and regular Physics, with 25 years of experience under his belt.

“I like to play a variety of sports with the kids,” Mr. Russell said about his favorite activities. He used to race dirt bikes as well.

Two new teachers were introduced to the foreign language department this year.

“I am a proud graduate of this county and wanted to give back when I started my teaching career,” said Ms. Sampedro, who is teaching Spanish II, III, IV, and V.

“The chance to realize that they haven’t just learned a bunch of words but can actually understand and communicate with others would be what I want most for my students,” she added.

Ms. Kelly who teaches French I, II, III, and IV, is embarking on her 21st year of teaching.

“I am a professional voice actress outside of school,” Ms. Kelly said about her favorite hobbies. “Brentsville is a lot smaller than the last school I taught at,” she confessed.

“The faculty, staff, and students are amazing, genuine, and kind.””

— Ms. Valerie Kelly

BDHS students and teachers are ready to welcome these new additions to the Tiger family. With an inclusive community, the transition to BDHS will be easier for these Tiger teachers.