Student-Athlete Mathew Basala



Mathew Basala (far right) attends flag football for the Gainesville Grizzlies.

Ricky Hernandez

It is hard enough to play a sport while in school, but for senior Mathew Basala, it seems to be easy. Even while playing football or wrestling, two very physically demanding sports, Basala still finds a way to attend school. For those reasons, Mathew Basala is the student-athlete of the month.

Basala has played football and wrestled for the BDHS teams since his freshman year. He seems to have had a very enjoyable experience in his four years in the sports program. “I honestly love this program. Football has never been my favorite sport; however, my coaches and teammates have made some of my best memories of my life thus far,” reflected Basala. “The service and commitment in this program are amazing and I would not give it up for the world.” It is always rewarding to see a player gain something valuable from the football program.

Unselfishness is an important quality to have in a player, which Basala seems to have. He thanks his teammates for making it easier to tackle an opposing player.

Every tackle is a team effort. I get through and cut them off or eat a blocker and lead them to a teammate and they do the same for me.”

— Mathew Basala

Working with the team is also an important mind set, and Basala seems to refer to that aspect when playing.

The BDHS football coach, Mr. Mullinax, has high praise for Basala. “Mathew Basala is quirky, but dependable. He does a lot of things behind the scenes and on the field that help us win football games and also grow as a program. Basala is always willing to lend a helping hand and looks out for others.” Coach Mullinax also hopes the best for Basala in the future. “I will miss him a good bit upon graduation from our program, but I know he is going to be quite successful in life and I look forward to watching him thrive as he leaves this place.” Very strong words from a coach who clearly has a strong connection with his player.

Although football and wrestling do not seem to be in Basala’s future, he will still do something he loves. “I plan to serve our great country in the reserve while attending CNU for a degree in Computer Science,” revealed Basala. Basala seems to be liked throughout the school and also seems to have a very energetic attitude every day; his contribution to the football and wrestling teams will not be forgotten any time soon.