Aden Rd. Reconstruction complete


Ryan Jennings

After what felt like an eternity to many Nokesville residents, Aden road finally reopened after being closed for almost four years.

Back in the winter of 2016 the iron truss bridge failed inspection and was shut down to the public. The iron truss bridge was built for the Keystone Bridge Company and was purchased by in the early 90s and moved to Aden road by Norfolk southern.

The bridge was soon bought by VDOT in 2014 and showed substantial structural deficiencies. It was shut down but rehabilitated and remained as a National register of historic places.

The bridge however was removed from above the railroad crossing in January 2016. A new one lane bridge was opened in December of 2016 but was temporarily shut down in July 2018 to allow the truss bridge replacement to be put into place

The closure of the bridge affected many people causing some kids to take the longer way to school forcing them to get up earlier.

The bridge was finally completed after almost four  years . The new bridge was opened in March of 2019 and made things less complicated by adding an extra bridge so that each way had a one way crossing instead of both ways having to share the same one one path.

The project cost over 8 million and will allow for safer travel. The project will added an additional bridge. The new bridge will maintain the design of the old bridge to allow it to keep its historic value.

The old truss bridge is a historic image in Nokesville since it has been standing for over 100 years. it’s time of being an useable bridge has come to an end.