The Art Program Deserves More


Natalie Bashore

This mural is located in the art hallway, and is one of the largest in the school.

Natalie Bashore

Art is one of the electives at BDHS that does not get enough credit.

Junior Caitlin McDaniel, an art student, realized that most BDHS students would rather do other electives or sports over art. She believes more people should be interested.

The art teacher, Ms. Cheryl Miehl, agrees with this thought: “We have a lot of talented students that put in a lot of hard work and produce great art, and I think more of that hard work should be recognized.” It  is a sad, but true fact that schools tend to focus their attentions on athletics. Art will soon be forgotten if it does not get the recognition that it deserves.

There is a certain pattern that occurs to cause the lost amount of interest in the art programs, as observed in other schools as well. In elementary grades, kids just have fun drawing and painting without much needed encouragement or instruction.

In Middle School, a majority of those students start to lose their passion for making things and instead learn the price of making mistakes, which causes them to start losing their passion, and no one helps them regain that passion.

These events are what have made the art program get less and less recognition, but not all hope is lost. Some students have recognized the special wonders of art, and have been doing art and helping to create more of these wonders.

Just imagine what schools would be like without art. There would be no murals on the walls, no painted rocks for every graduating class; there would be just white walls with no other colors to add brightness to somebody’s day. Schools would be dreary and colorless.

Art is the spark that makes the building seem alive. Without it, education would not be the same.