The Positive Side of Flipped Classrooms


Students in class

Ellie Crockett, Emma Waldo, and Alonzo Randall


Flipped classrooms work by having a student observe and take notes by watching a video at home and doing the homework in classStudents can also take the notes at their own pace by pausing the video or going as fast as they want instead of falling behind. The videos are usually created by teachers to further the students immersive learning experience. 

It is beneficial for students because they would have more time to practice the material with the teachers there to help them.”

— Ms. Ragghianti

At school, t
he classroom will be more relaxed, because the students will not stress about learning a new concept and students will be more engaged in the lessons. Flipped classrooms will help students to feel more confident in new concepts.  

Flipped classrooms help to better lower the stress of students. “Students gain firsthand exposer to material outside of the classroom.” said Cynthia J. Brame. According to Vanderbilt University, students can focus on processing the lesson instead of cramming all the notes down and not being able to focus on what the notes are about. According to Vanderbilt University, creating, evaluating, analyzing, applying, understanding, and remembering are all the things that teachers always say are skills that students should have. 

 Students will appreciate that they have more control; they will be able to watch the videos any time and they will be able to have more time with the teachers as well.  

Ms. Ragghianti, a math teacher at BDHS, said, “It is beneficial for students because they would have more time to practice the material with the teachers there to help them.” The students can use the videos that the teacher made for studying by going back and looking at them. The teachers can use the videos in class if most of the students do not get what the lesson is about. added Ms. Ragghianti , “More time for the student to review with the teacher,” 

 Having a flipped classroom would help the teachers fix the mistakes that the students make before they become a habit. According to Teachthought the lessons and content are more accessible for the students.  They also mentiond that it would help collaborations between students. Teachthought finalized, “In a flipped classroom, it is possible for students to have increased input and control over their own learning, by providing short lectures at home.” Flipped classrooms can help students before they make their habits permanent 


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