Which Console is Best?


Ricky Hernandez

Video games are one of the most enjoyable things to do in life. It is a fun thing to do with friends, or just serve as a fun challenge to do when you are bored. Although anyone can agree with this, not everyone can agree on what console to play on.

PS4 and Xbox One are the two most popular consoles to play worldwide. PS4 has about 76 million players compared to 57 million on the Xbox One. So clearly, PS4 has an edge over Xbox, but the question is why? Many argue that Ps4 has better games, such as ‘God of War’ and ‘Uncharted’. However, many players say that the controller is better on Xbox than on PS4.

Junior Trae Kohn says that he plays PS4 for several reasons. “I play PS more because it has more games to play and the quality of sound, control, and visual graphics are better.” Although he agrees that the two consoles have the same amount of games available, he still believes PS has better games. “I think that PS and Xbox have equal games but PS offers more enjoyable game to the players,” Kohn added. Although Kohn brings good points to the argument, Logan Gammon disagrees.

Gammon believes that both consoles have the same amount of quality for the players to enjoy. “The graphics are the same for both consoles, and even if PS has more games, it doesn’t make it better.” He also mentioned why the Xbox was better. “Obviously the controller is better on Xbox, but the games are also better like Halo. PS doesn’t have anything nearly as good as Halo.”

Both these players have compelling arguments for their console. It is almost impossible to say which console is better; it truly depends on what the player enjoys more about video games. However, every console player can agree that Xbox and PS4 are better than PC.