Running to Regionals: Student-Athlete Kyler Cornwell


Kyler Cornwell (5) tackles a William Monroe player.

The running back is one of the most important positions in football. They must run, receive, and sometimes block on the offense. It is a hard position to play, which is a factor to why the BDHS student-athlete of the month is awarded to Junior Kyler Cornwell.

Cornwell plays both offense and defense for the Tiger’s football team. He had great success on both sides, but he achieved an impressive stat this season; “I didn’t necessarily have any milestones, but I had some high set goals like having over 100 tackles, which I exceeded,” reflected Cornwell. It is stats like these that make Cornwell an incredible athlete.

The BDHS football team has had a very successful season winning the first round of districts. Cornwell praises his team, however, he knows they could do better; “I think the team did great this year, yet I think we could have done even better because we lost some games we could have won.”

In addition, Cornwell also believes the team will continue this success on into the future. “Next year, I think our team has potential with our whole backfield returning as we were all juniors this year.”

Football is an emotional sport and Kyler Cornwell enjoyed his season, but one moment in particular stood out. “My favorite moment was probably when I made the game ending sack in the Skyline game and my dad came running on to the field to hug me.”

Even after getting 100 sacks this season, Cornwell is still setting his goals high for next season. Cornwell stated, “Next year I would like to be first team all state or linebacker and hopefully an all district or region running back.” Although these will be hard to achieve, he seems to have the talent to complete his goal.