Fewer Swimmers, More Money


Source: Isabel Bae

The 2019-2020 season female swimmers on the team.

Grace Gearhart, Sports Editor

The 2019-2020 season for the BDHS swim team requires not only the teams hard work and dedication, but also a minimal fee averaging between $300-$330. 

“Every year each swimmer is required to give that money, depending on the amount of swimmers we have that year,” commented an anonymous swimmer on the team. Isabel Bae, a junior swimmer, added that, “parkas are an extra $100”. 

The swimming tigers fund their own essentials for the team, such as the swimming pool they practice in. Such money is required by each player for that reason; they support themselves, along with the help of BDHS students at their fundraisers.  

“Our money goes to the pool, which allows us to rent it out for practice and swim meets,” mentioned the anonymous swimmer. “We fund raise to make sure everyone can swim.” 

Unfortunately, since the price from last year raised from the minimum of $275, swimmers from last year did not try out again because of their worries over the cost. “This has happened before because of how little Brentsville is and how costly the pool is,” stated Bae. 

However, regardless of financial situations, the swim coach welcomes anyone and everyone to join. 

Coach Livengood, commonly referred to as Coach Annie, does not exclude students from joining the team if they are unable to fund the team. “Coach Annie always tells us to let her know if money is a problem and to not stress over it,” commented the anonymous tiger. “She doesn’t want any of us to miss out on the opportunity to be a swimming tiger.” 

Becoming a swimming tiger has many benefits and gives swimmers events to look forward to. “You make really good friends, you have such a good time, and you get fit,” remarked Bae. “I’m looking forward to districts, states and regionals.” 

Regardless of the expensive fee to get in, the BDHS swim team has good intentions and will welcome anyone to join. With this is mind, make sure to support our swim team and contribute to the swimming tigers.