To Sonic or Not to Sonic, That’s the Question


Customers are enjoying a meal at Sonic.

Emily Jacob

After the hype and crowds of the brand-new Sonic died down, the fast-food restaurant received mixed reviews. 

According to Yelp reviewers, common issues like slow service and “okay food are plaguing the Manassas location. 

Janet W. shared her experience on the popular review site, “Slow service in the sit down area.  Unprofessional staff.  Food was okay but nothing special for the very long waits that happen during peak hours.” 

On the other hand, Nia C. explains,

“The staff was friendly and gave my food out in a prompt time.””

— Nia C.


After reading other peoples’ thoughts, I decided to take a trip to Manassas and check it out for myself. 

With me, I brought some friends to try and order a variety of options on their very large menu.  We ordered everything from burgers, chili cheese dogs, chili cheese tater tots, chicken nuggets, and milkshakes. 

Somehow, despite our large order, our server quickly skated our food out to us. 

It didn’t take long for everyone to dig in, but my group was met by major disappointment.  When I unwrapped my cheeseburger, it was completely flat, looking nothing like the picture on the menu.  The taste was even more disappointing.   I was not expecting a gourmet burger, but it was the worst fast food burger I had ever had.   

My other friends were not impressed by the food either.  The chicken nuggets (which in my opinion are hard to mess up) were dry and had very little actual chicken.  The chili cheese tots were so soggy they were hard to finish.   

Despite a below average main course, it was time to try our milkshakes.  It was unanimousevery milkshake we ordered was great.  The complaining that took place in my car finally stopped as everyone sucked down every drop of their shakes.  

Sonic may not be known for its amazing food, but I would recommend it as a good spot to get milkshakes or desserts.