Nia Brooks on the Go, Go, Go

Junior Nia Brooks (right), and Junior Amanda Hart (left) after decorating the Rho Kappa board.

Jordan Brooks

Junior Nia Brooks (right), and Junior Amanda Hart (left) after decorating the Rho Kappa board.

Rachel Bush, Editor

Junior Nia Brooks is involved in so many activities at school, one would be hard pressed to find a club that she is not involved in. 

Brooks is a member of National Honor Society, History Club, Rho Kappa, National Beta Club, Library Advisory Council, Student Government Association, Prom Committee, and colorguard in the marching band. And those are only the activities tied to BDHS. 

Outside of school, she volunteers at her church, Oak Shade Baptist, in the child development center and additional miscellaneous events. She is the BDHS representative from the PWC school board student senate. Brooks goes to the Governor’s school, and there she is part of the medical club, Principal’s Advisory Committee, and recently joined an online-based coding club.

Within the clubs she holds many different leadership roles. Brooks is a co-president of Library Advisory Council, a class representative for National Beta Club, an activities coordinator for Student Government, a member of the student senate, and a student representative of the Governor’s school’s Principal’s Advisory committee.

Although it may seem like it, Brooks’ life is not always hectic. Some days she just likes to relax.

“…I love to just sit down somewhere comfortable and dissociate,” Brooks admitted. “My life gets very hectic at times, as I’m sure any high schooler can relate, and I feel like I am constantly in motion, striving to complete a never ending list of tasks. A moment when I can sit still and not have to think about anything but breathing is very enjoyable to me.”

Brooks like to get involved in activities to give back to the community. These things give her many different opportunities.

“I enjoy seeing club projects come together and collaborate with other organizations,” said Brooks.

She says there is no better feeling than watching a project come to life, and seeing people enjoy the hard work everyone puts in.

“Being in multiple clubs has also allowed me to meet so many unique people and become friends with a majority of them as well. These clubs have helped my communication and teamwork skills, and confidence. Being eligible for special programs and grants that will help me pay for higher education are also pluses to widening my involvement. Most importantly, being involved gives me a sense of Tiger Pride that makes school ever so more enjoyable.”

After high school, Brooks wants to go to Howard University in Washington D.C. for pre-medical. She wants to earn her PhD and go into pediatrics or pediatric research.

With how diligent and dedicated she is, there is no doubt that she will accomplish whatever she puts her mind to.