BDHS- The Nation’s Top Athletic Program

A picture of the 2005 football team at BDHS from

A picture of the 2005 football team at BDHS from "The Flash" Yearbook.

Stephanie Lazo

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Did You Know that in the May 2005 edition of Sports Illustrated, they listed “The most selective ranking in all sports?”  Of the more than 38,000 high schools in the U.S., fewer than one thousand made Sports Illustrated’s listhonoring schools with the nation’s top athletic programs. BDHS’ criteria emphasized all-around excellence during the last 10 years. It included state titles won and college athletes produced.  
They listed the top 25 programs in the country then listed the top school in each state for the years 1995-2005.  For the state of Virginia, Brentsville District High School was named the best. 

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Information Courtesy of Pat Finnigan.