Defeating Depression: Spot the Signals

Defeating Depression: Spot the Signals

OliviaMarie Davis

OliviaMarie Davis

Depression is a very serious mental health issue that is common around the world. Depression may be caused by either a genetic condition or environmental factors. 

Below are symptoms that may indicate the signs of depression:

Inability to concentrate: Depression is also known to make concentration become difficult. This could either be at school, home, or work. No matter where it happens, it becomes problematic for the person. 

Oversleeping: Some people with depression tend to oversleep or have lack of sleep. This can be when he/she is struggling to get out of bed. Not getting out is troublesome because then falls behind on school or work. 

Appetite issues:It can also make some have a loss of appetite or eat more due to the circumstances. It is very important to watch out for those who have loss of appetite because not eating can lead to passing out or stomach issues. 

Loss of interest: A person may not be able to see a future for themselves. Feeling down or being moody, spending less time with friends and family, having chronic headaches, or turning to drugs and alcohol are also signs that show depression. 

Loss of joy: Depression can make people feel like they can not see the good in life and feel hopeless. He/she may see life as if it does not really matter. One can feel like they do not matter as well. 

Self-Harm: When feeling like one does not matter in life they begin to harm themselves such as cutting themselves and even verbally hurt others around them. The Director of School Counseling, Mr. Kline, advises “If a person is having suicidal thoughts, they should immediately tell a counselor/ trusted adult so they can get the help they need. A good suicide hotline for valuable support is 1-800-273-TALK(8255). ” 

However, while these things are very serious, they may not always mean a person is struggling with depression. 

To deal with depression it can be complicated to find the motivation to try and do better. 

What can you do if you struggle with the symptoms listed above?

1) Go to the doctor immediately and get screened to find out if medication is necessary. When there is concern, it is always better to seek out a medical professional or a counselor to get screened for depression. 

2) The second step is to find a support group or therapists that can be comfortable to talk to. 

3) The third step to do is find ways to manage stress where you can get a break like listening to music, drawings, exercising, or other activities that are calming. 

4) The fourth step to do is to try your hardest to keep pushing and organize ways to have time to do homework or just anything without feeling overwhelmed. 

5) Try taking it slow and to think of the successes not the lose. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Be the best you can be.