Death to a Decade


Quail Lakes Baptist Church

Fireworks exploding for the new decade.

Grace Gearhart, Sports Editor

The 2010’s, a decade that helped grow our childhood selves into young adults, has come to an end. 

Kids born between 2000-2004 grew up listening to music, watching tv shows, and surrounded by trends all from the 2010’s. The past decade shaped us 2000 babies from young children to young adults. Scary enough, this decade holds the start of our adulthood. 

“I watched Drake and Josh growing up,” recalled junior Kevin Holroyd. “I watched Zoey 101,” added junior Riley Sutherland. “When I was 8, watching Teen Nick felt like a power move.” 

From Adele to Katy Perry, many iconic artists created world known songs that still play on the radio today. “My favorite singer of the decade was Rex Orange County,” stated Sutherland. “Mine for sure was, and is, Eric Church,” added Holroyd. 

The past ten years has influenced and matured people in all different ways. “My friends were my biggest influence,” recalled Sutherland.  Holroyd added by stating that, “Transferring to Brentsville was a huge influence through the decadeI also want to leave behind being too hard on myself.”  

Both Holroyd and Sutherland are going to miss growing up and being young throughout the 2010’s. “I also will miss not having to worry about anything,” laughed Sutherland. “But we can leave mix-matched socks back in that decade.” 

The 2010’s was a decade full of impacts made on the world; impacts both devastating and incredible. Holroyd, in his opinion, said that technology left the biggest impact from that decade. “We have come so far in the past 10 years. I do not even know what in the next 10-20 years we will achieve.” 

This decade is full of the years of us starting and completing college, living on our own, and even starting families. “I’m most looking forward to starting my career and finishing my schooling,” boasted Holroyd. “I’m excited to start my life and see where it goes.” Sutherland agreed with Holroyd’s point of view, stating, “I’m excited to go to college and start a career, along with being independent and making life decisions.” 

Although the decade that grew us up is over, the decade that transforms our lives into independent adults begins here.