Frozen II: A Storm of Adventure


Kate Erbland

Forced to save their Kingdom the group once again sets off

Patrick Broemmel, Opinions Editor

Frozen came out six years ago and was extremely popular because of its catchy soundtrack, good set of characters, and a plot twist no one saw coming. With so much popularity, it is surprising that it took that long for the second movie to come out. 

The second movie takes place during a peaceful and prosperous time in Arendelle right after the first movie ended. The characters have already had their happy ending and do not think anything bad will happen. However, a mysterious voice starts to call Elsa north. She resists at first, but disaster strikes Arendelle when elementals attack, forcing the group to begin their adventure to save the kingdom. 

Overall, the movie has many scenes for entertaining little kids but, it also features some intense scenes for an older audience. The reoccurring theme was that the characters were trying to keep everything the same when life was good, even if it gets in the way of them moving forward in life.  

Critics gave the movie a 77% on rotten tomatoes and the reviews were mostly positive. A lot of people thought that the movie was good, just not as good as the first Frozen. The soundtrack was nice, and the songs were fun to listen to, but they failed to capture the same magic the first movie had. The plot felt forced and shaky with some major plot holes that made the movie hard to understand.  

The movie had good aspects as well: the characters were mostly the same, Anna kept chasing after Elsa; Elsa thought she had to do everything alone; Christof, Olof and Stefen were the comic relief that kept the kids in the theater laughing. 

As the movie goes on, more characters are introduced and events that shaped Elsa and her powers slowly take shape, keeping the audience in the dark until the end of the movie. This was great because it kept the mystery going up until Elsa discovers the truth behind all the problems, the elementals, and the death of Anna and Elsa’s parents.