The Need for Afterschool Activity Buses

PWCS school busses line up to take students home after the school day.


PWCS school busses line up to take students home after the school day.

Natalie Bashore

Many BDHS students ride the bus to and from school every day. However, PWCS buses do not do a second pick up for students that stay after school–requiring students to ride home with a friend or parent, which can make after school sports and activities difficult to attend. Many agree that PWCS is in desperate need of afterschool activity buses.

Senior Curtis Schaan agreed by stating; “It is needed for people in clubs or sports that can’t have their parents come get them, and those who can’t drive yet.”

Schaan mentioned he has participated in high school sports for years, and used to stay afterschool for an hour or  more waiting for his parents. “It was just really annoying because I just wanted to be home, so an extra bus would have really helped,” Schaan mentioned.

Schaan has also heard other people being affected by this issue. “I heard some kids a couple of weeks ago doing track,” he explained. “They said that after track their parents could not pick them up because the sport was ending earlier or something. They said they would have to wait for their parents and it could be hours before they showed up.”

It seems that having buses come after school to pick up the students from their activities would be a big help. It could get the students home faster and give them time to do productive things at home, instead of wasting an hour or more stranded at school.

Sophomore, Haseeb Ahab, agrees with the need for activity buses. He says some kids who have to stay after need a ride home, and their parents can’t provide that.

Ahab rides the bus to and from school everyday. His proposed solution to this issue would be to get more buses to take kids home after school.

Other middle schools have recognized this issue and resolved it, by getting more buses to bring kids home after their after-school activities.

The only solution to this issue would be to have bus drivers drive an extra time later in the day to pick students up after their activities.

These statements show the need for afterschool activity buses. More buses mean more productive students, and could possibly mean a raise in participation in afterschool activities.