5 Days of Fun- Spirit Week


Stephanie Lazo

Students dressed up in flannel during the 2019 homecoming spirit week.

Stephanie Lazo

The BDHS Tigers’ favorite time of year is coming up, spirit week. Spirit week will begin on Feb. 24Students are sure to love the themes that the SCA has picked.  

On Monday, Feb 24, it is hippie day. Students can pull out their favorite pair of quirky sunglasses, flowing  pants and skirts, and tie-dye shirts. Tigers are encouraged to listen to their favorite songs by The Beatles and to “go with the flow” all day. 

Tuesday, the 25this Surfers vs. Bikers day. Students will get to choose to dress like hardcore, leather-loving bikers or gnarly ocean aficionados. This exciting day may be nostalgic for students who watched the popular Disney movie, Teen Beach Movie, when they were younger. 

Wacky Wednesday, on the 26th, will allow students a wonderful opportunity to show their take on the word “wacky.” Colorful clothes, silly shoes, and crazy hair styles are a few of the things that students can do to show their school pride. 

Thursday, the 27this country club vs. country day. Students can dress preppy with bow ties and mini skirts or they can deck themselves in camouflage, flannels, and boots. 

Friday, the 28th, is the last day of spirit week Every high schooler has dreamt of rolling out of bed and going to school in their jammies; now they finally have the chance to do so. Students will wear their favorite pajamas. 

 The school day will end with an exciting pep rally that everyone will attend. Later that night, BDHS’ slumber party dance will take place in the school gym. The entrance fee for the dance is 10 dollars; food is included.