How to prevent burnout in online learning.


Computer for school work

Natalie Bashore

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Brentsville District High School has started the 2020-2021 school year fully online. Students are using Canvas as their main online learning platform to access coursework and assignments. Since students have been assigned much work on a weekly basis, it is not uncommon for students to feel overwhelmed with the amount of assignments they must complete by the due dates.

It is important for students to figure out how to manage all their assignments and not get too overwhelmed with all the work they must complete each week. The less that students stress about their assignments, the easier it is for them to get their work done.

1.Establish a “Learning Environment”.

Unless you have been enrolled in online classes before, then your home is likely not set up to accommodate for virtual learning. Find an area that will work well for virtual classes. Choose a room where you can study uninterrupted, or with as little interruptions as possible, so that you do not have distractions during class. Your workspace should also have decent internet connection.

2. Plan for online learning.

Teachers could be using different approaches to online learning, but most have online meetings through Zoom for students to attend. You could have time between classes to get work done but, it is important to be proactive and plan accordingly. Have a planner or an online calendar where you can write down assignments, so that you do not fall behind.

3. Participate in class.

Do your best to participate in online classes. Ask questions, send chats, and participate in class discussions. You can also take notes during class, which can help you understand a subject that may be more difficult than others.

4. Keep in touch with teachers.

Communication is critical in an online learning environment. Use the tools that you have for communication, such as email, to keep in touch with teachers and to ask questions.

5. Be flexible.

The key to succeeding in an online learning environment is to be as flexible as possible. Many teachers and students have never had to adapt to online learning so quickly. Things will not be perfect and put together at the start so, there could be mistakes made by students and teachers, so be patient.

Online learning may not be easy or convenient, but it can be done. Take these tips into consideration to improve your online learning experience.