Top 7 Best fall Activities to do During The Pandemic


Audrey Brown

Freshly picked apples.

Ava Mohler, Staff Editor

During this pandemic, many are at a loss when it comes to recreational activities, because they feel as if they might have to sacrifice their safety in order to have fun. If you are one of these people, don’t destress! I have compiled the top 7 best fall activities to do during quarantine!

Outdoor movie night, Although many movie theaters have reopened, the experience is much different than before. If you’d rather spend your time in your own backyard surrounded by pillows, blankets, and the outdoors, an outdoor movie night is perfect for you. Grace Marcilio says, “I like watching movies outside with my family.” You can simply hang a bed sheet to use as a makeshift screen. Or stream a movie on your laptop or phone.


 Apple picking. Apple picking is an easy and fun activity to enjoy. This is a great way to spend time with your family in the cool crisp air of the mountains this fall. Pick from the many varieties of apple trees, drink apple cider, or sample apple flavored baked goods. Virginia has some wonderful apple orchards that are still open during the pandemic. This includes: Williams Orchard, Hartland orchard, and Thornton River Orchard.


Pumpkin patches. Nokesville is primarily known for its agriculture. So, why not support a local farmer in need during this pandemic by visiting his or her pumpkin patch this fall? Not only are you helping out local businesses, but you get to experience the joy of getting your hands dirty while hiking through the leaves and vines while you’re on the search for the perfect pumpkin. You may also find a wide array of gourds and squashes. Whatever you may find, the Pumpkin Patch is a must see destination this fall. 


Baking. Baking is perfect for chilly autumn days. The warm aroma of baked goods, combined with the crisp autumn air is guaranteed to make anyone’s day better. Try baking cookies, cakes, pies, or try adding pumpkin to some of your favorite desserts to create a delicious fall-themed version of your favorite treat! Whether you are baking treats for your family, friends, or yourself, it is a great way to spend a day this fall.


Crafting. Making crafts is perfect if you would like to let your creative juices flow freely this fall. Traditionally, during fall many people make decorative scarecrows, carve pumpkins, collect pine cones and leaves, or make fall themed decorations. This fall, try making your own Halloween costume, decorations, or have a pumpkin carving contest. You may be surprised by your talent! 


Camping. This fall is a perfect opportunity to go camping in the forest. Or spend a weekend at a cabin nestled in the mountains. For many people, camping means 3 things: Sleeping under the stars, building a campfire, and S’mores. Many people enjoy making S’mores on chilly nights while soaking up the warmth of a campfire. S’mores are an exciting treat that is sure to be enjoyed by the entire family.


Donations. Consider making a charitable donation to a local animal shelter or food pantry this fall. Since the start of the pandemic, many have lost jobs and have needed extra help to keep their families fed. You do not have to donate just food, you can also give toiletries, clothing, school supplies, and children’s toys. By donating to your local shelter, not only are you helping animals by donating food, toys, treats, and other essentials, but you also get to feel good about helping your community.