The Best Way To Stay Motivated During The Pandemic


An example of an inspirational quote that you could use

Thomas Hennessy

Covid-19 has caused everyday struggles to become worse. The pandemic has forced everyone to stay inside and because they are inside it can cause them to lose the motivation to get anything done. Motivation is something that some people can struggle to have. However, there are many ways you can motivate yourself so that you can succeed in what you are trying to accomplish.

Motivation comes from many places, it can come from you trying to push yourself to do better or it can come from others cheering you on or pushing you to accomplish your goal. Finding someone to help push you and motivate you is a really good way to get yourself motivated. Having another person push you will help boost your self esteem and get you into a positive mindset and try even harder to accomplish a goal.

But sometimes motivation can come from yourself. Using inspirational quotes from google and writing them down somewhere that you will see them can help inspire you to do better. Or you could even find a picture of a person who inspires you and hang it up somewhere.

I interviewed senior Ryan Bocompani and asked him if he found it difficult to stay motivated during the pandemic. He said, “Most of the time.” He then explained why he felt that way, “The fact that there’s either absolutely nothing to do or there’s way too much to do with no in between.” I had then asked him how he stays motivated when he is motivated, “I set small goals for myself to accomplish and don’t stop working until I finish at least one.” Ryan said, “The motivation I get from accomplishing one thing tends to carry over to others.”

I set small goals for myself to accomplish and don’t stop working until I finish at least one.”

— Ryan Bocompani

I then asked Ryan if he has someone who motivates him. He answered, “My dad. He’s worked ten to twelve-hour days the entire pandemic to keep providing for him. I look to his motivation to provide for our family and try to work with that same vigor.”

All in all, when you look to someone to stay motivated it could help motivate you to do better and push yourself harder.