The return of the Tigers


Sarah James

Seniors, Katie Dawson and Brooke Lomax on the first day of school.

Lexi Warnecki, Contributor

After an extended period of remote high school, most of the Brentsville District High School staff and students eagerly await the return of in-person learning.  

As announced in an email from Dr. Steve Walts, Superintendent of Schools, Prince William County Schools currently plan to resume in-person education, under the 50 percent model, starting Nov. 10, 2020. When returning to the classroom, social distancing, face coverings, along with other safety precautions will be enforced. 

BDHS staff members have expressed their longing to see students face to face. Principal, Dr. Katherine Meints, shared that she misses, “seeing and hearing students engaged in learning.” Upon the return she is looking forward to interacting with students as well as hearing about how they are, what they’ve been doing since March, and getting to know them/know them better.” 

Entrepreneurship, Economics and Personal Finance teacher, Ms. Stephanie Hughes, shared that she “misses coming in every morning saying hello and seeing her coworkers and the students Hughes continued by stating that she misses, “dinner gatherings outside of school before football games.” As well as, “cheering on the coaches and students during sports.”  

Hughes looks forward to, “having that face to face connection as non-verbal communication is about body language and gestures and you can’t see] that with blank screens.” 

AICE Global Perspectives, IGCSE Global Perspectives, and USVA History teacher, Ms. Carolyn Weddel, shared that she “misses having lunch with her department,” expressing that they would, “check in together and swap stories during lunches.” Weddel also “misses being able to see how her students interact with one another,” but looks forward, “to having in-person discussions.” 

As a student, Senior Mara Brooks, is “looking forward to spring sports [especially softball since it’s her last year.” Senior Brooke Lomax added that she looks forward to, “…actually sit[ing] in a classroom with [her] teacher [, as she] can focus better in that setting.” Although operating in a completely online school can make it difficult to create connections for both the teachers and students’Brooks shared that she has been able to stay connected to her classmates, “…through social media.” 

Sharing the positives of virtual learningSenior Katie Dawsonstated that, “online learning allows us to set our own pace for work and give more time to focus on other things.” Senior Brooke Lomax explained that,it is easier to get help from the teachers virtually as majority of the teachers stay on the zoom so students can rejoin to ask questions one on one. 

It will take time for students to adjust to this new way of high school, Weddel reminds students that the “safety precautions are there not only for your protections but to protect your families and your community.” She continued by stating that, “some of our proudest historical moments as a country have been those times when individuals have been willing to make sacrifices for the good of the group.”  

I have no doubt the Tigers will again rise to the occasion and meet every challenge before us. ”

— Dr. Katherine Meints

With the future approaching quickly, the BDHS family is looking forward to being together again. Share what you are looking forward to upon returning to in-person learning using #TigersTogether.